Somewhere Shakespeare (2021)

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  • An interactive quiz themed around Shakespeare, blending classic literature with a fun “Where’s Waldo” style game. Players answer questions related to the locations in Shakespeare’s plays, brought to life using Google Maps. It’s designed to be both educational and entertaining, with a cheat function for those less familiar with Elizabethan literature.

  • Strategy

    This quiz not only engages users in Shakespearean geography but also captures data on their responses and time taken, offering insights for summative assessments. The integration of context and source information enhances the educational value of the activity.

  • Tools

    Built with Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and the Google Maps API, the quiz offers a rich, interactive user experience, effectively combining modern web technologies with classic literature themes.

  • Testimonial

    “As a literature enthusiast and educator, I find the “Somewhere Shakespeare” quiz to be a unique and engaging tool. It cleverly marries the richness of Shakespeare’s works with interactive technology, making it a fantastic resource for both students and aficionados of the Bard.” - Cultural Historian

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